Friday, September 30, 2011


There are a bunch of cute things all over the internet to make for Halloween. I wanted to make my daughter something cool for a costume, but the holiday just sort of crept up on me. We have settled for Little Red Riding hood. We as in - my mother and I.
Wouldn't it figure that we find a free pattern that is easy to do and order all the yarn for it that someone else would post a way better looking hood, free and close to the same yarn. Why not do it?! Well, Provisional Cast On for one. That is a bitch to do!I have tried and tried and tried. Finally, I GOT IT! Or, so I thought. Unfortunately, I had to give up on that pattern.. Halloween is fastly approaching and I would like her to wear a completed hood, not some awesome half done thing. I was even looking forward to doing this cape! But my mom pointed something out. The sizes for Capuchon go up to 8 years! So maybe she can be Little Red Riding Hood another year. Or maybe I will just make the cape in a different color.
I really don't know. Lol.
So, after gauging, I am using two sizes bigger than the pattern calls for for the needles. I am sure it will be fine. I'm just going to town on this thing. It's a nice pretty red, and I think it will be... Okay.... Good enough for this year. I really need to plan ahead next year.

One of my friends that I used to work with at Safeway has recently moved to Reno. I miss her. She has decided to make me a rainbow hat. And I have decided to do a swap. She makes me the hat, I make her something in return. I tell you it is hard trying to come up with something!
I'm not going to post what I may find because there is a small chance that she is bored one day and stumbled upon this blog. Surprise ruined. No thank you. :P

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