Monday, September 17, 2012

.[Ohhhh Myyyyy!].

Hello there!

I am sorry I have not kept this thing going for so long. I have been pretty busy.

Quick non-knit, non-crochet update --

1.) My grandfather (whom I live with and take care of) got himself a tumor in his bladder. Again. :( This is the.. Third time this has come back. We are doing Chemo, which is fun... Well, it's not as bad as I thought it would be for sure. I basically sit up there with him at the cancer treatment center and we watch movies while the medicine goes into his body through an IV. Somebody has to be up there to help him go to the bathroom if he needs to.

2.) My daughter.... Is a pill. She's a girl and she is definitely MY daughter. She is a non-stop record.. She should be the new energizer bunny because she keeps going and going and going.

3.) I am now on insulin to help treat my Type 2. There's a reason for it but it's a personal thing. I am still trying to get used to 4 shots a day and trying to carb count.

Now, for the knit and crochet updates --

1.) I have finished a granny square blanket for my mother's friend who had a baby boy last month.
2.) I have finished the dish cloths for Margaret for the DIY pledge thingy she responded to on Facebook. Now I just need to make something for Meghan. I am thinking TwinkieChan's Cupcake Scarf... I will crochet a cupcake and see how long it takes to knock one out. I technically have until the end of the year, but kinda wanted to get it done before it gets toooo cold since she lives in Colorado now.
3.) Nyan. Pure and Simple. That thing... iiisss... half done? I lost my written square count so I am attaching squares and crocheting more as I go. I have all of the rainbow done, the tail done, and most of the face. I have a little bit of the pop tart done as well.
4.) My friend Casey (manager at our local Gamestop) is having a baby in December! Congrats! And of course mooorreee stuff I gotta do! I decided to make the baby boy a Yoda Hat. He's a nerd, she's a nerd. Yoda hat is perfect! :) I also made one of those fleece blankets that you just make a fringe on the sides and poof, it's done!
5.) My uncle wants a hat. A brown one. A brown hat with the word 'Drunk' in italics.
6.) I want to make this adorable Stocking for my baby for Christmas this year.
7.) I want a scarf.

I have a feeling I am missing some stuff, but am just out of it now-a-days. Plus.... 200 Cigarettes is on and that movie is flipping awesome, so CHAO MY TWO SUBSCRIBERS!