Thursday, June 23, 2016

.[Lost In Thought].

      Hey Everybody, Tanya here. I am so sorry I have not updated in, quite literally, YEARS. I was out living life in a crazy world, bring another baby girl (and trying to live through the screaming). I have been actively knitting and crocheting but haven't been posting much of any of the projects. None at all, actually. A few years back my mother talked me into knitting socks, which is something that I have always wanted to do and I have been stuck on them. Knitting socks for everyone but myself. I am a sock knitter. I also stopped because honestly, I felt like it was a wasted effort because I just don't have a way with words, other than that similar to a caveman. I talk okay but it seems when I type the stuff out.. Well, let's just say it isn't the same.

      Eeeek, there I go again, off topic... Going back.. I AM going to try to get more things going.. More charts, more projects.. anything.. Unfortuntely, I haven't finished that Nyan blanket I started YEARS ago, but it's getting closer, I've been working on it. ;)

      Thanks again for stopping by and if you check regularly (although it would not surprise me if you have given up all hopes on any new posts from me), please keep the hopes! All the hopes!