Friday, December 9, 2011


I'm back! For how long, I don't know. Since the release of Skyrim... I have honestly not done much in the way of knitting or crocheting. I bought one of the many owl hat patterns that is floating around Ravelry.. I've crocheted the dang hat (which I have agreed with another that this was probably *the* most time consuming part), and that's it. I have yet to do the eyes, beak, boarder... What have you..

I DO have the official (but not final) count for the damn Nyan project! FINALLY! After, however long. TOO LONG..

RED - 48
GREEN - 22
BLUE - 33
PINK - 160
GREY - 115
WHITE - ~2 (might throw some more in for the stars if I have room to do so...)
BLACK - 156

Now, I'm pretty sure the total number will not change, if it does it will only be a few off. The only two I really see possible changing are the Navy Blue and the White. If I have room to do so I want to add some of the white stars but if I don't have room I won't do it. This thing is enough work as it is.. I'm having to take a break because I am going to ATTEMPT to do something for my grandma for the x-mas. I was thinking mittens and a matching hat. YEAH TWO WEEKS TO DO THAT.. Ugh. If I can just focus on one thing and at least get IT done and tell her the rest is coming that should be okay. Well, I'd love to chat but Skyrim is calling my name!

Oh! If you are reading this and would like to see any more charts, let me know. I have some Mario, but my husband likes doing that sort of thing. LET ME KNOW!

-Love, Peace and Chicken Grease!

P.S. HAPPY HOLIDAYS! (Since I probably won't be on this blog until after teh x-mas.. Unless something pops up..) <3

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

.[Projects and Projects and Projects!].

Since my last post I have completed a few things! I got the Little Red Riding hood done and it wasn't as hard as I was making it seem. I should have just finished it forever ago! :)

I have made two cowls, one for myself using Lion Brand's Wool-Ease Thick and Quick yarn. Color 143 Claret. The other is exactly the same except the color is 194 Denim Twist. Both very warm and cuddly. I have some black I'm thinking of making another. :P

I've been working on my Nyan project, and yesterday I finished a color! 25 squares of yellow, completed! It's just so nice to have a color done after all this work I have already put into this damn blanket thing. I am going to post official numbers for the blanket then in one of my next posts I will post how many I have done.

Nyan Blanket Square Count

Red - 48
Orange - 37
Yellow - 25
Green - 22
Blue - 33
Violet - 34
Peach or Tan - 58
Pink - 160
Grey - 115
White - 2
Black - 156

That's a total of 642 squares!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

.[Taking a break!].

So, since I have a little bit to catch up on the hood, and I have to increase which I have never really done.. I am taking a break.

I have decided to make a hat for my grandma for her birthday.... That was over a month ago. She is finally coming back home from being gone for 3 months to do a treatment to try to 'grow' some veins to help out with her heart issues.

All I want to do is a simple hat. I even chose a pattern. I was so excited to start it, I went to Jo-Anns and bougth some super chunky blue striped yarn. (Her favourite colour is blue) I worked on it for about 10 rows when I stopped and said to myself, "You know what, this isn't going to be big enough!" I even tried it on my own head, and I'll be damned if that damn hat would fit my 2 year old and not myself. It didn't have really any stretch to it at all! So, I ripped it out. I printed out a new pattern to try, and am going to start that probably tomorrow. She's coming back Thursday and this thing needs to get done so I can give it to her when she gets back. I've got this pattern picked out, let's see if it works!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

.[Red Riding Hood].

With Halloween 'fastly' approaching, I am freaking out.
I worked on the hood today after not having worked on it for a few days because of a big mishap. I still kind of consider myself a new knitter, I haven't knitted too many different things. I have never increased until... Last month.. I've only knitted scarves and hats. I am nearly deathly afraid of trying socks.. The lingo is so confusing to me I just don't get it.. BUT! Getting back to the Red Riding Hood. As I have said in the Halloween entitled post, we went with the more simple pattern. I read it wrong, or didn't get what I was reading and, long story short I ended up ripping out about two rows and getting very frustrated because ripping out knitting isn't all cheese and sprinkles. I managed to rip out two rows and only two rows AND somehow get every stitch (save for one) back on my circular. The one dropped a few rows but luckily I was able to pick it up fine. After a long ordeal of having to knit 1 then knit2together BUT having to turn the stitches so they were facing the right way, I decided that if I do this pattern again... Big if there... IF I do it again. Some notes need to be made on it. I've got two purl rows on my knit side, and I am following the damn directions and when I look at the picture on the pattern I do not see these purl rows. I hope this thing turns out.

Anyway, rant rant rant rant, done. I am hoping that the purl rows will be fine... Then again it is for trick or treating so it will be in the dark.... BUT! All I have left to do is the hood. The cape part is done. Woop Woop.


Friday, September 30, 2011


There are a bunch of cute things all over the internet to make for Halloween. I wanted to make my daughter something cool for a costume, but the holiday just sort of crept up on me. We have settled for Little Red Riding hood. We as in - my mother and I.
Wouldn't it figure that we find a free pattern that is easy to do and order all the yarn for it that someone else would post a way better looking hood, free and close to the same yarn. Why not do it?! Well, Provisional Cast On for one. That is a bitch to do!I have tried and tried and tried. Finally, I GOT IT! Or, so I thought. Unfortunately, I had to give up on that pattern.. Halloween is fastly approaching and I would like her to wear a completed hood, not some awesome half done thing. I was even looking forward to doing this cape! But my mom pointed something out. The sizes for Capuchon go up to 8 years! So maybe she can be Little Red Riding Hood another year. Or maybe I will just make the cape in a different color.
I really don't know. Lol.
So, after gauging, I am using two sizes bigger than the pattern calls for for the needles. I am sure it will be fine. I'm just going to town on this thing. It's a nice pretty red, and I think it will be... Okay.... Good enough for this year. I really need to plan ahead next year.

One of my friends that I used to work with at Safeway has recently moved to Reno. I miss her. She has decided to make me a rainbow hat. And I have decided to do a swap. She makes me the hat, I make her something in return. I tell you it is hard trying to come up with something!
I'm not going to post what I may find because there is a small chance that she is bored one day and stumbled upon this blog. Surprise ruined. No thank you. :P

Monday, September 26, 2011

.[Dish Cloths].

Today is my mother's birthday. I can't believe she is a day past 30, but she is. Right now we are working on getting her house more... Homey. She's doing a home office in Orange, she wants Orange kitchen things... Long story short. She likes Orange. And when I say like, what I really mean is she loves Orange. I daresay she would have her car Orange if she could tolerate it.

So for her birthday I decided to make her a few nice dish cloths, but really she can use them for whatever she wants to. I made them in colors she would probably use in her bathroom, which is accented in Oranges and Pinks. I gave them to her early because today she works and I won't see her, but I will call and tell her "Happy Birthday!" probably when she gets off of work.

I guess I should have warned you, my pictures are amateur because I take them with my cell phone. I had lost my digital camera, but recently have found it.. Not that finding it will change the fact that I can't take pictures. LOL

.[Skyrim Chart].

This game comes out on 11.11.11, and a bunch of people can't wait for it, my husband and I being one of them. Well, honestly there is two of us. :P
Even on Rav there is a small cult following for this game, and a bunch of people like littlecaptina's Skyrim Mittens, and a bunch of people are digging the chart, yet no one has made anything with it. Honestly I haven't either.. So I guess I don't have much room to talk. :P

.[Nyan Cat Chart].

I would very much love to see this chart used in some projects, but as of today (checks Ravelry again) there is only one project that is documented. On Ravelry.


To you, I say a nice warm "Hello and Welcome to this Blog!"
I am not usually good at Blogging. My main blog is just a page for me to go and vent about people because I feel that no one really listens to what I have to say because what I have to say is complete bull and I gripe. And I gripe a lot. People need a break.
I have decided to divide my knitting and crochet work into it's own blog so I can continue rambling in the other. So, without further Au Deu. (Is that how that is spelled? LOL)

The Blog.

I will post my two patterns then I will continue.