Monday, September 26, 2011

.[Dish Cloths].

Today is my mother's birthday. I can't believe she is a day past 30, but she is. Right now we are working on getting her house more... Homey. She's doing a home office in Orange, she wants Orange kitchen things... Long story short. She likes Orange. And when I say like, what I really mean is she loves Orange. I daresay she would have her car Orange if she could tolerate it.

So for her birthday I decided to make her a few nice dish cloths, but really she can use them for whatever she wants to. I made them in colors she would probably use in her bathroom, which is accented in Oranges and Pinks. I gave them to her early because today she works and I won't see her, but I will call and tell her "Happy Birthday!" probably when she gets off of work.

I guess I should have warned you, my pictures are amateur because I take them with my cell phone. I had lost my digital camera, but recently have found it.. Not that finding it will change the fact that I can't take pictures. LOL

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