Tuesday, October 18, 2011

.[Taking a break!].

So, since I have a little bit to catch up on the hood, and I have to increase which I have never really done.. I am taking a break.

I have decided to make a hat for my grandma for her birthday.... That was over a month ago. She is finally coming back home from being gone for 3 months to do a treatment to try to 'grow' some veins to help out with her heart issues.

All I want to do is a simple hat. I even chose a pattern. I was so excited to start it, I went to Jo-Anns and bougth some super chunky blue striped yarn. (Her favourite colour is blue) I worked on it for about 10 rows when I stopped and said to myself, "You know what, this isn't going to be big enough!" I even tried it on my own head, and I'll be damned if that damn hat would fit my 2 year old and not myself. It didn't have really any stretch to it at all! So, I ripped it out. I printed out a new pattern to try, and am going to start that probably tomorrow. She's coming back Thursday and this thing needs to get done so I can give it to her when she gets back. I've got this pattern picked out, let's see if it works!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

.[Red Riding Hood].

With Halloween 'fastly' approaching, I am freaking out.
I worked on the hood today after not having worked on it for a few days because of a big mishap. I still kind of consider myself a new knitter, I haven't knitted too many different things. I have never increased until... Last month.. I've only knitted scarves and hats. I am nearly deathly afraid of trying socks.. The lingo is so confusing to me I just don't get it.. BUT! Getting back to the Red Riding Hood. As I have said in the Halloween entitled post, we went with the more simple pattern. I read it wrong, or didn't get what I was reading and, long story short I ended up ripping out about two rows and getting very frustrated because ripping out knitting isn't all cheese and sprinkles. I managed to rip out two rows and only two rows AND somehow get every stitch (save for one) back on my circular. The one dropped a few rows but luckily I was able to pick it up fine. After a long ordeal of having to knit 1 then knit2together BUT having to turn the stitches so they were facing the right way, I decided that if I do this pattern again... Big if there... IF I do it again. Some notes need to be made on it. I've got two purl rows on my knit side, and I am following the damn directions and when I look at the picture on the pattern I do not see these purl rows. I hope this thing turns out.

Anyway, rant rant rant rant, done. I am hoping that the purl rows will be fine... Then again it is for trick or treating so it will be in the dark.... BUT! All I have left to do is the hood. The cape part is done. Woop Woop.