Thursday, October 18, 2012

.[Recent Knit].

Yes, you read it right. KNIT. Singular. Lately, all I have knitted is a brown hat with the word Drunk in a sort of cursive.. It's for my uncle. He requested it.. Pretty much at the beginning of the year and I am just getting to it. It didn't take very long to knit up and I used the Regular Guy Beanie with a cast on of 120 stitches. I'm hoping this will fit his head because the letters were a pain in my arse.

The Hat:

I haven't worked on Nyan lately but I'm sure you'd even be surprised on how far I've gotten. I wanted to get this thing done months ago.. I really have no excuses for it NOT to be done.. I think I just needed some sort of break from all the granny squares, honestly.. I still wouldn't mind finishing it this year, I have some more ideas on stuff I wanna do for people. One of which is another big project so I definitely don't want to start that until I finish Nyan.. So, maybe it could be a Christmas present for them next year. LOL. Oh geez..

The only other thing that I have done recently is a Yoda Hat for our friend Casey. Him and his wife are having a baby boy this December and they are nerds.

This Hat:

Which by the way is crochet and barely takes any time at all to whip up. I think I will be making this for our baby when he/she comes. 16 weeks today! :)

ANYWHO, I'm off to... actually work on Nyan I'm thinking. I gotta see what I aught to do with it next.


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