Tuesday, February 28, 2012

.[Nyaaaaan! Update].

I don't have all of the squares crocheted but I have decided to go ahead and tie in tails. Then after I got all the tails tied in two days ago I decided to just start sewing together. I have part of the poptart together, all of the yellow together and most of the red rainbow together. I can't sit there and sew too much together at the same time because it makes me neck hurt like the dickens. I will at least finish sewing the red part together today (02.28.12), but I will also try to get the orange done too and connect the two colors. I have messed up and put a yellow square in place of a black square because I honestly wasn't playing close close attention while sewing but I think it will give the blanket throw thing a little bit of character. I'm not worried about fixing it and I don't intend to.


  1. You should post pics of your progress! I've been wanting to make a Nyan Cat blanket myself, and I would love to see how yours is coming along.


  2. I guess it would be more suitable to be putting the updates here on my 'blog'. Lol